Before pitching to the investors, first assess whether your startup is truly fundable i.e. investor-ready?


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Why Should You Care About Investor-Readiness?

95+% of early-stage startups never get funded, and the prime reason being they've prevailing gaps in them, these could be in the form of team, weak business model, undifferentiated value proposition, limited/no scalability, low market, and many more.

This is why it's all the more necessary to check if your venture is truly fundable i.e. Investor-Ready before even you start pitching to your targeted investors!

What will Assessment do for You?

  • The assessment will test your startup against the 14 parameters, which the Investors really focus on to decide whether to invest.

  • Post the assessment, we'll share your score vs. the ideal score of a fundable startup and the areas in which you're strong as well as weak.

  • Subsequently, you can then focus on your weak spots and can even use our help to take appropriate remedial steps.