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How to Create a Winning Team Culture?

Here are the 10 key steps to creating a winning team culture in your organization.

How to Create a Winning Team Culture?

1. Hire People Who Have Not “Done It”

Very few people do things twice in their life. Hire for potential.

To build a successful company, you need to have a large group of people that do things for the very first time with you.

2. How to Use Compensation to Create Culture?

People care about the things they own.

To make people care about your company, make them owners. Make every single employee a stockholder.

3. The KPI of Success as a CEO

A CEO is a knight on a white horse, leading troops into battle from the front.

To build something big, you must create a team that can succeed without you.

The biggest KPI: If you die tomorrow, will the company still succeed in your absence?

4. Why Companies Should Act Like a Team, Not Family?

A lot of companies say they want to be a family. Your company must want to be a team (and not a family).

The difference is, a family will be a family no matter what.

Teams are defined by their capability to win.

5. The Biggest Sacrifice Founders Make

Founders have to sacrifice their minds, space, and freedom. You will always think about what the company has to do next. It can’t be turned off.

You have to learn to live with it.

6. Why Transparency Makes Leadership Less Lonely?

In an environment with full transparency, teams come up with better solutions than a single person can come up with on their own.

This makes the job less lonely.

It makes the responsibility of leadership less heavy on your shoulders.

7. How to Build an Environment of Trust, Not Safety

A team is only as strong as the weakest player. Give people the opportunity to learn and make mistakes.

If someone brings the team down, take them out of the game.

Create trust without a safety net for bad performance.

8. Why Growth Companies Are Glorified Recruiting Operations?

Every senior person in a growth company has to be a great recruiter.

They have to get people as excited about the opportunity as they are.

9. What Makes a Good Company vs. a Great Company?

The difference between bad and good companies is that bad companies don't know what to do.

With good and great companies, both know what needs to be done.

The difference is, only the great ones execute the truly difficult things.

10. How to Create a Company Culture Where People Actually Care?

Give people ownership over what they’re building.

Let them make decisions and have accountability.

The way you get people to care about the small things is by giving them ownership over big things.


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