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Days of Growth at All Costs are Over!

2022 was certainly a watershed year for both investors as well as founders.

The days of ...

How fast can you scale up to meet the bigger goals?

are over!

Until 2021, VC money was in abundance, and the mantra was "growth at all costs!"

The recipe for all-out growth was simple:

  • Raise capital every 12-18 months

  • Invest a majority of it in Go-to-Market to ...

  • Grow 2-3X every year for the next 5 years

  • Achieve high valuations for the existing investors to exit with remarkable returns.

VC Growth Scale for Startups!

The founders kept spending enormous loads of cash (raised via external funding) to grow 2-3X every year, raise a bigger round at a higher valuation whenever the burn was nearing the end, and the cycle kept repeating.

< Image Source: Neotribe Ventures

Everybody (investors, founders, employees, vendors) was happy, while the press went ga ga over announcing their subsequent funding rounds, or scaled-up metrics.

Those, who talked about/advised sustainability were denounced as pessimists or stuck with the old corporate mindset.

The way to make a startup recession-proof is to do exactly what you should do anyway:

Run it as cheaply as possible - Paul Graham, Y Combinator

For years I've been telling founders that the surest route to success is to be the cockroaches of the corporate world. The immediate cause of death in a startup is always running out of money.

So the cheaper your company is to operate, the harder it is to kill.

Then, came 2022 ...

Tech stocks led a rout in the world’s biggest stock markets, trillions of dollars were lost, and thousands were laid off (the saga that still continues to date.)

The mantra is now back to basics ...

Sustainable Profitable Growth

What does it mean to have Sustainable Profitable Growth?

Your startup must attain each of the below:

In addition to the above, the founders should now raise funding, only if there's a:

  • Strong Indication of Product/Market Fit (PMF)

  • Lack of Resources that can't match the demand



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