10 Slides to a Perfect Pitch Deck - As Shared by a VC!

I'm assuming that you're fully aware of what is a pitch deck or investor pitch deck, and its definite role in fundraising, if no then head here first.

Most founders, either use Sequoia Capital's or Airbnb pitch deck as their inspiration, to create their own pitch deck. In continuation, this post is an extract of a video, which was originally shared by Sanjay Mehta, founder of 100X.VC (a recognized early-stage VC).

So, here are the 10 slides, every investor wants to see in your deck!

1: Team

Who are you as a team i.e. its credibility? Include the key advisors and consultants, if they can close the gaps. Demonstrate, why you are the perfect team to execute and win big?

2: Problem

Emphasis should be on the unmet needs. Investors must be able to empathise or relate or connect to, the problem you're solving. Ideally, showcase using a real customer persona to better relate with the people, who is/are facing this problem.

3: Target Market & Segmentation

Illustrate your target market (segment), its size and structure, prevailing dynamics, regulations, technology, new or current players in it? You must've intrinsic details about the market, which emphasises that you breathe this market in and out!

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4: Market Dynamics & Competition

Complete overview of your competitive landscape, the more the better. You should thoroughly know your competition, never dismiss or degrade them. Highlight, "why you're better than the competition" i.e. your competitive advantage/s?

Tip: Never do this rookie mistake of saying, you've no competition or they're no match against you, it's rather taken as rude or away from reality, by most investors.

5: Solution

Ensure the investors understand your solution (product or service) as well as your value proposition. This isn't a place for in-depth technical description, just a small gist of how.

Tip: Avoid heavy content or tech jargon. Best to showcase a 30-sec video or a live session.

6: Unfair Advantage

What's your moat or the secret sauce of your product or service i.e. IPs, key partnerships, etc., by which you will protect yourself from competitors as well as new entrants, thereby dominate this market, and scale-up substantially.

7: Business Model

How will you make money? Who pays you, your sales distribution channels, gross margins or unit-price economics, etc? Many entrepreneurs don't have any clue on how are they going to make money, which makes it difficult for them to raise funding.

8: Go-to-Market Strategy

How will you reach your first 100 customers (milestone)? What marketing channels would you use? What's your distribution channel? If you can't get your product sold, you won't survive. Convince the investors that you've a detailed and actionable go-to-market strategy. Tip: Most entrepreneurs just show a 20% growth month-on-month, instead show the execution i.e. the how part?

9: Financial Projections & Key Metrics (Traction)

What are the key metrics i.e. customers, installations, 3-5 years projections? How have you arrived at those assumptions or projections, do you've an historic data or some benchmarks? How much money you need for the next 18-24 months and not just 12 months?

10: Status & Timeline

Accomplishments to date for the last 6 months, next milestones (customer growth, employee growth, geography expansion, etc) timeline over the next 18 months? How the investors' money will be used?


The sole purpose of the pitch deck, is to get you the meeting with the investors. It either opens up the gates for your funding, or close it forever. Remember, investors have this unconscious dislike for the lousy pitch decks.

So, ensure that your pitch deck is compelling, accompanying impactful content and graphics. Need help, connect with us to know how we've helped 100s of startups create awesome pitch decks from scratch!



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