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Most founders struggle with fundraising, and in some cases are forced to shut down their venture due to a cash crunch or lack of capital.

Now Raise Funding, Like a Pro!

Now Raise Funding, Like a Pro!

Fundraising can be ...

  • Time Consuming,

  • Challenging, and ...

Fundraising can be time consuming, challenging and frustrating!

And, Statistics Are Against You!

  • 95% of first-time founders are never able to raise a penny.

  • 9+ out of 10 startups fail within the first 5 years.

  • Every 3 out of 4 venture-funded startups fail too.

Money alone can't solve your problems!


Secret Sauce for Fundraising by Paul Graham, Y Combinator 


Identify the factors that make your startup, worth investing in.

i.e. Be Investment-Ready!

How Can We Help?


Create a great story that convinces investors to invest in you.

i.e. Be a Great Storyteller!

How Can We Help?


Our FundEnabling Services Help You to Raise Funding, Fast!

Empower Your Venture to be  Investment-Ready First | Jasaro

Empower Your Venture to be  Investment-Ready First!

We work with you to make your venture "Investable/Fundable" by uncovering key gaps prevailing in your startup, and suggest ways to resolve/mitigate them,

Craft Your Fundraising Strategy and a Unique, Impactful Story | Jasaro

Your Unique Story and Fundraising Strategy!

Next, we create a unique fundraising strategy for you and craft a unique, compelling story, to get you the investors' meetings. Need a fresh pitch deck from scratch, click here!

Coach You to Avoid Mistakes & Pitch Confidently | Jasaro

1-on-1 Coaching to Pitch!

Subsequently, we impart an comprehensive 1-on-1 coaching to the founders to pitch to the investors like a master storyteller and confidently address their tough questions and/or concerns.

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