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A "Satisfied Customer" is the best strategy of all.
Every company’s greatest assets are its "Customers"!


- Michael Leboeuf, American Business Author & Management Professor.

2 Key Predictions on Customer Experience for 2020:

  • 89% of companies will compete mainly on Customer Experience (CX) - Gartner Research.

  • Customer Experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator - Walker Research

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Why Customer Experience (CX)?

Create a 10X Sustainable, Profitable Growth (and Moat) for Your Startup | Jasaro


2007 - 2017

  • Stock prices of CX Leaders grew by a whopping 184% (3X of CX Laggards

  • S&P 500 Index companies grew by 139%

  • CX Laggards grew only by 63%


  • 52% Customers Churn just after 1 bad experience, leading to low revenues

  • 35% Customers less like to purchase, leads to further lower revenues

  • Extremely bad reviews - 95% customers share their bad experience to 9-15 friends, and upto 300 on social media, seriously impacting new leads

  • 6-7 times more costly for them to acquire new customer, due to poor word-of-mouth

  • Low chances of survival, may be at the best stagnant or consistent low growth


  • 42% more retention i.e. better revenues

  • 32% more revenues per customer i.e. higher growth in revenues & gross margins

  • 33% increased customer satisfaction i.e. more happy customers, who bring in additional qualified leads

  • 17%+ more loyalty i.e. each loyal customer = 10X their first purchase

  • 66% probability for up-sell or re-sell to existing customers

  • 30%+ operational savings in serving their existing customers

  • 10X Growth in true sense


  • Why should I go for FundEnabling Services?
    The Fundraising Statistics of Early-stage startups are absymal i.e. barely/less than 5% are able to successfully raise funding! With our FundEnabling Services, we empower you to be in those 5% bracket. Click here to know, how our FundEnabling Services works?
  • Do I really need FundEnabling Services?
    FundEnabling Services are specially targeted to the "First-time Entrepreneurs" and Founders/Co-founders of Early-stage Startups. The services have also been useful for early-growth startups, who are looking to raise (Pre-Series A or Series A) funds. Check here, when I questioned about a important gap with the founders of an 100 Cr Startup leaving them zapped.
  • Are there any pre-requisites?
    The startup must have an Minimum Viable Product and certain amount of Traction. For those who are still at the ideation/MVP stage, we strongly recommend such founders to opt for the Accelerators.
  • How does FundEnabling Services works?
    Click here to know more about our revolutionary FundEnabling Services.
  • Is there any free trial, before I pay for it?"
    Absolutely YES! Please, register here for us to go through the required details, and better connect during our subsequent 15-mins call. Note, we don't recommend that you share patentable, super technical information.

As today's most powerful competitive differentiation, "Customer Experience Strategy" empowers any business to easily disrupt even the most crowded industry, maximize its success, and create a sustainable 10X growth path in the long-term.

Case Studies
Zoomcar has been extensively using CX since 2017!

Zoomcar uses CX

A market leader in self-driven car rentals, Zoomcar has been extensively using CX since 2017, to make its service simpler & efficient for its customers. As a result, it currently has a 70% market share with a valuation touching ~$1 Bn!

Goomo uses CX to Grow 10X!

Goomo uses CX

Goomo is a  travel tech startup operating in  3 verticals i.e.  consumer,  corporate  and B2B. It intends to be amongst the top 3 through consistent  CX  delivery!

Create a 10X Sustainable, Profitable Growth (and Moat) for Your Startup | Jasaro

Need CX for Your Startup?

Our certified CX Experts will create an customized, impactful CX Strategy for your Startup, empowering it with an powerful competitive advantage, thereby maximizing its success, and build a sustainable growth model!

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