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The Most Compelling Investor Update Template

Preface: This is the refined and localized version of the Investor Update template, created by Nathan Beckord, which is here.

Here's, why Investor Updates are Important:

  • To keep investors in the loop. Investors ought to know what’s going on with their investment, and most importantly, they shouldn’t have to ask.

  • Use them, to keep your startup on top of their mind. It can also be used (in a subtle way) to remind them about the problems (more funding, hiring, networking, partnerships) on which you've been seeking their help. It kinda enforces them to think about those problems.

  • It establishes great relationship with your investors. Investors admire entrepreneurs, who respect their investments and effectively communicate, how their investments are being used to scale-up their startup.

  • Instantly share the bad news with details like how you resolved or mitigated it. Investors must be kept in the loop in both good as well as bad times, before even they hear it from others. Investors would respect you more for your transparency and your effective resolution. They might also be handy to ensure that such problems, don't recur.

  • Finally, it's even for those entrepreneurs, who haven't yet raised the funding, and can use this template (just remove MBR and Cash in Hand columns) to keep their potential investors updated. In fact, many entrepreneurs have successfully raised from the very same investors, who said No during the initial pitching.

So without further ado, here is the awesome "Investor Update" template, which you can use to Wow your Investors!

Awesome Investor Update Template for Your Investors!
Compelling Investor Update Template

Need this template in MS Excel, subscribe here. You can always unsubscribe anytime.

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